Deep Cleaning Service in Clapham

Deep cleaning is a complete and thorough cleaning where our cleaners will polish and dust off hard-to-reach areas of your property and is often times used as a spring cleaning or in cases of moving in/out or as an end of tenancy solution.

What Does a Deep Cleaning Include?

Our cleaning professionals follow a practice-tested cleaning checklist and will fully clean the following areas of your property.

  • A professional vacuum cleaning of a thick carpetThorough bathroom cleaning – Using the right tools and detergents, Papa Bear Cleaners Clapham will sanitize your
    bathroom and toilet floors, sinks, tiles, basin, shower box and everything else you specify. Feel free to specify any details when you book your service.
  • Complete cleaning of your kitchen area – that includes all cooking appliances and kitchen furniture, knobs, drawers, cupboards, counters, window sills, door handles and frames, etc.
  • Your bedroom, living and dining rooms will be cleaned fully – vacuuming of all carpets, rugs and floors, dusting off of all furniture and surfaces, all frames, holders, handles will be wiped and brought to the shining glory they deserve.
  • Other common areas, hallways, staircases – all floors, all spider webs, dust and other dirt accumulated will be carefully scrubbed and removed with proper cleaning tools and detergents.
  • Please mention any other areas or cleaning methods you specifically require and we will include them in your service.

Don’t forget that you can combine your deep cleaning with, say, a window cleaning or hard floor cleaning and receive great discounts. This is a benefit we are proud to offer to our clients.

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