Hard Floor Cleaning Service in Clapham

Our Hard Floor Cleaning Services are Suitable for both Your Commercial and Domestic Needs

With time, any floor starts to lose its initial shine, replaced by spots and dirt which become harder and harder to clean. If cleaning a surface is too much hassle for you, let Papa Bear Cleaners Clapham help you. We have the equipment and expertise to complete a variety of hard floor cleaning tasks.

The types of surfaces we can clean are stone, hardwood, various vinyl floors as well as slate floorings. The process which our cleaning operatives follow is:

  • Wooden floor cleaned by Papa Bear cleaning operativesAfter all the arrangement with you are done over the phone or e-mail, the dispatched team will arrive at your location and will inspect the surfaces that will be cleaned and will decide on the proper solution and methods.
  • Removing all furniture and other items that can obstruct the work. It is advisable to have them removed preliminary so the cleaning operatives can begin work immediately.
  • In order to prepare the surface for the polishing method chosen, it will be dusted and wiped so that the effect of the hard flooring stays longer.
  • Depending on the specific surface, the team will perform buffing, sanding, pressurized cleaning, emulsification and/or re-sealing.
  • The surface must be left to dry so the sealing method applied is completed.

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Remember, you can call us anytime on 020 3404 0292 or leave us your inquiry online. You can get a discount for booking multiple services with Papa Bear Cleaners Clapham, such as a carpet cleaning or an oven cleaning.