Sofa Cleaning Service in Clapham

Papa Bear Clapham provides expert sofa cleaning in the Clapham and nearby areas. Combine your sofa cleaning with other services of ours and get a discount.

Our cleaning technicians have experience in cleaning all sorts of stains such as ink, lipstick, wine, blood, shoe polisher and many more.

Practice-Tested Process of Sofa Cleaning

Aristocratic Sofa, thoroughly cleaned fabricDepending on the type of fabric and stain, our cleaning operatives will use the proper tools and solutions in order to both protect your sofa and clean each stain completely. We offer both high-pressure water extraction as well as dry cleaning. If you choose, the cleaners can apply a stain protecting product which will make your sofa more resistant to stains.

Our sofa cleaning process provides you with a non-allergen, dust-free environment, safe for children and pets. Call us for a consultation any time of the day, our friendly consultants will provide you with a no obligation quote and will answer any questions you might have.

At Papa Bear Clapham, Provide You With the Best Cleaning Experience

That is why we’ve tailored our services to your needs and with the feedback and experience we’ve received through the years, we’ve created a multitude of benefits that separate us from the competition.

  • Experienced, in-house trained staff able to operate high-tech machines
  • No obligation, free quotes over the phone, call us 24/7 at  020 3404 0292
  • Same day service (if we have teams available to dispatch)
  • Provision of supplies and materials on demand.
  • Various payment methods with no hidden charges or fees.

Combine your sofa cleaning with other Papa Bear services and get a special discount, for example, a rug cleaning or as part of one-off or spring cleaning. Call us today!